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Saturday, June 26th, 2010

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Nowexam Free Product JNCIS JN0-130 Exam Demo.For example:1. If all OSPF routers on a broadcast network have the same OSPF priority, what parameter is used to determine the new BDR at the time of a DR failure?┬
A. area ID┬
B. router ID┬
C. loopback address┬
D. IP address of interface on broadcast network┬
Answer: B┬
2. What type of router cannot exist within a stub area?┬
C. internal router┬
D. non-backbone router┬
Answer: B┬
3. Which statement is true about the frequency of OSPF LSA transmissions?┬
A. They are configured per OSPF area.┬
B. They are configured per virtual router.┬
C. They are configured per OSPF process.┬
D. They are configured per OSPF interface.┬
Answer: D┬
4. During OSPF adjacency formation, what state is a router in when it is sending LSA header information to its neighbor?┬
A. Init┬
B. 2Way┬
C. ExStart┬
D. Exchange┬
Answer: D