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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

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Nowexam Free Product HP_Certification_II HP0-645 Exam Demo.For example:1. What is meant by the term “Scope of work”?┬
A. a detailed list of project deliverables┬
B. a detailed summary of work completed┬
C. a brief background of a project or component┬
D. a general objective for a customer engagement┬
Answer: A┬
2. You are configuring an HP ProLiant server with multiple storage devices using a Wide SCSI controller. Excluding the controller, how many SCSI IDs are available on a Wide SCSI bus?┬
A. 7┬
B. 8┬
C. 15┬
D. 16┬
Answer: C┬
3. You have four HP hot-pluggable drives in a RAID 1+0 configuration. On the second drive, only the amber LED is illuminated. What is the recommended action?┬
A. Replace the second drive.┬
B. The array is lost; you cannot do anything to recover it.┬
C. Wait until the first LED (nline? illuminates; then replace the failed drive.┬
D. Replace the second drive and manually start rebuilding the array in the ACU.┬
Answer: A┬
4. What is the recommended average disk queue length for a single disk spindle?┬
A. Less than one┬
B. Less than two┬
C. Less than four┬
D. Less than eight
E. Less than sixteen┬
Answer: B┬
5. What is the act of mirroring across two physical controllers known as?┬
A. mirroring┬
B. striping┬
C. duplexing┬
D. parity┬
Answer: C