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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

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Nowexam Free Product HP_Certification_II HP0-633 Exam Demo.For example:4.Your management station manages a domain of its own in addition to receiving information from a remote collection station. You just got a large bill from your WAN provider for last month when your remote collection station went down. How can you avoid that in the future? Select TWO.
A.Configure overlapping domains so the management station will not have to resynchronize everything.
B.Configure a failover filter to minimize management station polling.
C.Add a backup collection station at the remote location to manage the remote domain redundantly.
D.Configure  the  -nosynchronize  option  to  allow  natural  updating  of  the management  station  when  a collection station returns to normal operation.
Correct:B C
5.To improve bandwidth utilization in DIM, you could _______.
A.force a complete synchronization every morning using nmdemandpoll so data is more accurate for the rest of the day
B.stop and restart the collection station on a regular schedule to re-establish a clean link
C.avoid restarting the management station
D.configure ovtopmd.lrf with the -minTopo parameter so less data is uploaded
6.How long does a management station take to recognize that a collection station is down and to initiate failover polling?
A.5 minutes
B.20 minutes
C.4 polling cycles
D.One failed poll
7.To enable a Problem Diagnosis probe to report to multiple servers, you can _______.
A.configure the probe in the configuration file of each server
B.configure the probe to monitor the path to each server
C.initiate a trek using the probe to add it to servers automatically
D.configure all the server names in the probe configuration file