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Monday, June 28th, 2010

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Nowexam Free Product IBM_certifications_I 000-077 Exam Demo.For example:7.While upgrading an existing x445 with a second SMP expansion module and four processors, a technician notices the SMP connector cables are missing on the back, so the technician connects the  cables.  Upon  powering  up,  the  technician  notices  the  upper  SMP  expansion  module  is disabled. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?
A.The system requires 220V power to enable the upper SMP expansion module.
B.The technician cabled the SMP expansions wrong.
C.The Xcel4 cache needs to be reset in the BIOS because of the addition of the second SMP expansion module.
D.If no hardware  licenses keys have been purchased  for  the processors  in  the upper SMP expansion module, it will not be activated.
8.A  customer with  two  x445  servers wants  to  have  two NetXtreme  Dual  Port Gigabit  Ethernet adapters  installed  in each server. What  is  the minimally supported configuration  that will allow maximum throughput?
A.Install the two cards in slots 5 and 6 in the x445.
B.Install the two cards in slots 3 and 5 in the x445 make sure slots 4 and 6 are not occupied.
C.Install an RXE-100 on each x445 and install one card in the x445 and one card in an RXE-100 on each system.
D.Connect an RXE-100 between the two x445s and install one card in each x445 and one card in each side of the RXE-100.
9.Which of  the  following  features of Active Memory perform a regular check and cleanup of  the status of DIMMs?
A.Chipkill and Memory ProteXion
B.Chipkill and memory mirroring
C.Memory ProteXion and memory scrubbing
D.Hot spare memory and memory scrubbing
10.A customer needs a new Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. They are running an application that requires substantial memory. They would  like a rack mountable system, which will support four Xeon processors with 2MB of L3 cache. Which of the following  is the minimum configuration to satisfy the customer’s requirements?
A.x445 with four Xeon MP processors and 8GB of memory
B.x445 with four Xeon MP processors and 16GB of memory in a single SMP module
C.x445 with four Xeon DP processors and 16GB of memory in a single SMP module
D.x445 with two SMP modules each containing two Xeon DP processors and 8GB of memory