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RSA Certified Security Professional

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

The RSA Certified Security Professional Program offers technology professionals the knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary to deploy and maintain reliable enterprise security systems.
Becoming Certified
To earn RSA Certified Security Professional credentials:
Take the RSA courses recommended for your certification.
Pass the required exam at one of over 2400 worldwide Virtual University Enterprises (VUE) test centers.
Review the RSA Certification Study Guide for your certification, review product user documents, and gain practical experience with the product on which you will certify.
Maintaining Your Certification
Recertification is required for every major product release and for certain point releases that RSA deems sufficiently important. RSA will notify you by e-mail of changes in requirements for any certifications you hold.
Certification Resource
Find out more about Virtual University Enterprises (VUE)