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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

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Nowexam Free Product Nortel_Other_Certification 922-041 Exam Demo.For example:2. A client needs to configure Internet Protocol Flow Information eXport (IPFix) to export flow information on their Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 5530 switch as part of their security solution. Which step must be performed first?
A.Each interface must be configured with the IP address of the security server which will receive the IPFix information.
B.An Advanced License must be installed on each of the ERS 5530 switches that will be exporting flow information.
C.Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) community strings must be configured for the security server which will poll the IPFix information.
D.The switch must be configured to specify the version of NetFlow messages to export.
Answer: B¬†¬
3.  An  Ethernet Routing  Switch  (ERS)  5300  has  been  used  in  a  new multicast  design.  Five  Ethernet switches are  connected  to  the ERS 5300 on  the  same VLAN. Since all of  the hosts are on  the  same shared media LAN, the ERS 5300 will suppress each forwarding report within the VLAN. Which advantage does using Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping with the ERS 5300 and Ethernet Switches offer?
A.Fast Leave functionality is suppressed.
B.It allows for pruning of ports where no IGMP host report has been received.
C.Multicast MAC address floods to all ports on the VLAN.
D.Only one report must be issued.
Answer: B
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There are  three switches  in your  test  lab on which you have been  testing  the configuration  for  the past
month. You need  to configure SMLT on 5530#1 and decide  that  it would be easier  reset  the switch  to
default than to go through the configuration and try to set it to defaults manually.
From the Global Configuration prompt you have entered the command:
5520-24T-PWR(config)# boot default
When the system reboots, a connection is sent to the switch through the console port, then you assign an
IP address to the default VLAN and begin configuring the Integrated Switching and Transmission (IST).
This does not work.
Which action must be performed prior to configuring an IST on the Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 5530
switch and how could you have avoided this issue?
A. You must copy an advanced  license  file  to  the switch  to support SMLT. To avoid  loosing  the  license
when you reset the switch to defaults use the command boot partial-default.
B. You must copy an advanced license file to the switch to support MLT. To avoid loosing the license when
you reset to defaults use the command boot partial-default.
C. You must reload the 5.1 code on the ERS 5530. To avoid corrupting the configuration always save the
running configuration before rebooting.
D. You must telnet to the switch to configure the IST. After resetting the switch, you must activate an IP interface on the default VLAN to enable routing which is a prerequisite to creating the IST.
Answer: A