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Nokia launches Qt Certification Program

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Nokia today announced the launch of the Qt Certification Program. This program provides a framework to officially recognize Qt developer skills, knowledge and experience. It is designed to help foster the talents of Qt developers and indicate expertise within the Qt community.
The Qt Certification Program is one of several learning initiatives that together form the total Qt Learning offering.
The Qt Certification Program involves participants attending an on-site test at one of over 5000 testing facilities in 160 countries. Testing and certification is organized through industry leading professional and academic accreditation specialists Pearson Vue.
The Qt Certification Program will in future offer several certification levels, with the initial certification level of Nokia Certified Qt Developer. Attainment of this qualification is a measure of good Qt basic developer competence, and an understanding of the logic of the Qt development framework. Individuals will obtain a certificate, and the right to use this designation.
“Over the past year we have seen a strong increase in demand for Qt and developers with strong Qt competence on a worldwide basis,” said Daniel Kihlberg, director of Qt Sales, Marketing and Services at Nokia. “We are launching this program to both ensure developers who are knowledgable in Qt can point to their certification, and so that companies looking for competent Qt developers can be assured of a certain quality level.”
To attain the level of Nokia Certified Qt Developer, individuals must pass the “Qt Essentials” examination. This one-hour exam tests a candidate’s understanding of all the major aspects of Qt needed to make a simple desktop application. Hands-on developer experience at this level is expected.
The level of skills and knowledge expected of an individual to pass the “Qt Essentials” exam and attain the level of Nokia Certified Qt Developer is described in the Qt curriculum available at