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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

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Nowexam Free Product F5-Networks-Certifications F50-515 Exam Demo.For example:1. Which of the following CANNOT be used to grant or deny access using the pre-logon sequence?
A. Username and password
B. The presence of a specific file
C. Operating system of the client computer.
D. Time of day the user is attempting to logon
E. Day of the week the user is attempting to logon
Answer: A
2. Which statement is FALSE about FirePass Portal Access connections and the Web Applications trace?
A. The Web Applications trace output is a zip file.
B. After being formatted, the Web Applications trace output can be viewed using a browser.
C. The Web Applications trace output shows only server side html in order to see the html the server is sending to the client.
D. The Web Applications trace output shows both client side and server side html in order to see how FirePass is translating html links before sending to the client.
Answer: C
3. Which of the following CANNOT be accomplished on a FirePass controller?
A. FirePass can generate client SSL certificates.
B. FirePass can generate server SSL certificates.
C. FirePass can deny access based on an invalid client machine certificate.
D. FirePass can import a server SSL certificate purchased from a Certificate Authority.
E. FirePass can allow access to users logging in from devices that do not have valid client side certificates, but deny selected resources.
Answer: C
4. Which two statements are true concerning Network Access Policy Checking? (Choose two.)
A. Policy checks can prevent network routing changes to the client.
B. Policy checks can prevent system registry changes to the client.
C. Policy checks can disconnect Network Access from a client when routing tables are altered.
D. Policy checks can be applied to Network Access resources and Application Tunnel resources.
E. Policy checks can terminate Network Access connections if selected processes are stopped or started on the client.
Answer: CE