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Adobe Certified Expert 9A0-136 Test Dumps

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

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Touring Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 — Overview

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 certification exam code:9A0-097 Torrent NowExam free download Demo.
Capture, edit, and deliver video online, on air, on disc, or on device.
Tell your story with maximum impact using Adobe® Premiere® Pro software, the start-to-finish video production solution that includes Adobe OnLocation™ and Encore® software.
Getting Started
Optimizing performance
Additional resources
Checking for updates
Touring Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
New features in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Nonlinear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Presenting the standard digital video workflow
Enhancing the workflow with high-level features
Touring the Adobe Premiere Pro workspace
Customizing the workspace
Exploring Adobe OnLocation CS4
Setting up Adobe OnLocation
Calibrating your camera with SureShot
Recording live video
Recording video to a shot list
Analyzing video with Adobe OnLocation
Analyzing audio with Adobe OnLocation
Shooting and Capturing Great Video Assets
Tips for shooting great video
Capturing video
Capturing an entire tape
Using batch capture and scene detection
Tackling manual analog movie capture
Capturing HDV and HD video
Selecting Settings, Adjusting Preferences, and Managing Assets
Selecting project settings by sequence
Three types of settings
Project settings
Importing assets
Taking a closer look at images
Managing media in the bins
Exploring additional bin features
Finding assets with the Media Browser
Importing Tapeless Media
Using a tapleless workflow
Using Media Browser
Importing P2 and XDCAM media
Mixing media formats
Creating Cust-Only Videos
Using a storyboard to build a rough cut
Editing clips on the Timeline
Moving clips to, from, and within the Timeline
Working with Source Monitor editing tools
Adjusting clips in the Trim panel
Using other editing tools
Adding Video Transitions
Using transitions with restraint
Trying some transitions
Changing parameters in the Effect Controls panel
Using A/B mode to fine-tune a transition
Applying transitions to multiple clips at once
Adding audio transitions
Creating Dynamic Titles
Strengthening your project with titles
Changing text parameters
Building text from scratch
Putting text on a path
Creating shapes
Making text roll and crawl
Adding text effects: sheens, strokes, shadows, and fills
Applying Specialized Editing Tools
Exploring the timesaving editing tools
Replacing a clip and replacing footage
Using Sync Lock and Lock Track
Editing with In and Out points around a clip
Creating subclips from the Source Monitor
Multicamera editing
Adding Video Effects
Sampling some basic video effects
Applying effects to multiple clips
Adding keyframing effects
Adding keyframe interpolation and velocity
Adding lighting effects
Creating custom presets
Putting Clips in Motion
Applying the Motion effect to clips
Changing clip size and adding rotation
Working with keyframe interpolation
Creating pictures-in-picture
Enhancing motion with shadows and beveled edges
Using other motion effects: Transform and Basic 3D
Changing Time
Using slow-motion and reverse-motion techniques
Enabling variable time change with time remapping
Applying time remapping with speed transitions
Using time remapping with reverse motion
Recognizing Timeline downstream effects of changing time
Changing the speed of multiple clips simultaneously
Changing the length of multiple still simultaneously
.Course Outline | Premiere Pro CS4 — AdvancedAcquiring and Editing Audio
Setting up a basic voice-recording area
Voicing professional narrations
Creating a high-quality aural experience in Adobe Peremiere Pro
Examining audio characteristics
Adjusting audio volumen
Adjusting audio gain
Adding J-cuts and L-cuts
Sweetening your Sound and Mixing Audio
Sweetening sound with audio effects
Trying stereo and 5.1 surround sound effects
Working with the Audio Mixer
Outputting tracks to submixes
Recording voice-overs
Creating a 5.1 surround sound mix
Fixing, sweetening, and creating soundtracks in Soundbooth
Audio Transcription
Transcribing audio to text
Searching transcription for keywords
Modifying the metadata
Compositing Techniques
Marking compositing part of your projects
Working with the Opacity effect
Combine layers based on a blending mode
Working with alpha-channel transparencies
Color keying a greenscreen shot
Color, Nested Sequences, and Shortcuts
An overview of color-oriented effects
Adjusting and enhancing color
Using nested sequences
Nesting clips
Getting to know the recommended keyboard shortcuts
Managing Your Projects
Project menu overview
Using the Project Manager
Conducting a Clip Notes review
Importing projects or sequences
Using Photoshop and After Effects to Enhance your Video Projects
Exploring Creative Suite Production Premium
Importing Photoshop files as sequences
Using Dynamic Link with After Effects
Replacing a clip with an After Effects Composition
Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences
Overview of export options
Recording to videotape
Using Adobe Media Encoder
Exporting to mobile devices
Working with edit decision lists
Authoring DVDs with Adobe Encore CS4
Overview of DVD authoring in Adobe Premiere Pro
Adding Encore chapter markers to the Timeline
Creating an autoplay DVD
Creating a menu DVD
Creating a Blu-ray Disc
Exporting DVD projects to Flash.

NowExam! 9A0-088 dumps:: 9A0-088 study guides,the latest 9A0-088 courses materials

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Adobe IIIustrator CS4 Exam (9A0-088 Exam) Questions & Answers are created by our certified senior experts combination PROMETRIC or VUE true-to-date environmental examination of the original title.we promised that the 9A0-088 Q&A coverage of 98%. All of our content is custom written and kept current with several monthly updates on most of our products. As a Nowexam Photoshop Certification candidate, you will have access to our updates for one year after the purchase date.
Adobe Certification 9A0-088 Braindumps page all the necessary 9A0-088 certification guide is available which not only includes Adobe IIIustrator CS4 Exam Modeler but it also contains 9A0-088 Study Guide and practice exam.Our specialists who had created our Adobe IIIustrator CS4 Exam Modeler Study Guide and Adobe Study Guide are certified by the vendors in which they prepare the tests. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate about our material quality, it is of the highest rank. You get the updated version.Our products are top quality and will assist you in gaining a true understanding of 9A0-088 technologies, without resorting to 9A0-088 Study Guide. Stop wasting time and money re-taking failed certification exams and start becoming more productive.Boost your career and your potential earnings. Purchase the 9A0-088 Nowexam products today and begin the path to success!
Nowexam Free Product Photoshop 9A0-088 Exam Demo.For example:1. While working on a document to be printed on an offset press you decide to print a composite proof to examine the results of color trapping manually done in the document. To accomplish this, you should choose which Overprint setting on the Advanced pane of the Print dialog?
A. Discard
B. Simulate
C. Preserve
D. Print as Bitmap
Answer: B
2. Which  option must  be  turned  on  before  you  can  turn  off  visibility  of  individual  color  plates  in  the Separation Preview panel?
A. Proof Colors
B. Pixel Preview
C. Isolation Mode
D. Overprint Preview
Answer: D
3. You create artwork that is to be restricted to two Pantone spot colors. When printed, you discover that there are objects using Cyan and Magenta in your document. How can you find these objects?
A. choose View > Edit Views
B. choose Edit > Find and Replace
C. deselect all objects, then choose Window > Appearance
D. choose Select > All, then choose Edit > Edit Colors > Adjust Color
E. select the Overprint Preview checkbox in the Separations Preview panel, then   turn off visibility for the Pantone colors
Answer: E